Behind Little Candle

Light light love
The light that I feel from your heart
The love illuminate my mind
The love I feel from your heart
Only your love make me comfortable
And I can stare at the color of live
With the light your love
I need you my little candle
(Nurul Indah Prismawati)

Sun is already shining
My gleum is not make you sparkling
Not anymore, and I am dying
But, Hey!
Did you know who was irradiate you last night?
Ah…you don’t care from the ground up, right?
Sun is already shining
My body’s still burning
I am on my agony
You get up and open your window
Sun shine creeps on your bedroom
And on appropriate
Sun shine comes
I am die
(Maey Anicha)

You make them be happy
You want not see them be sad
You prime them than yourself
Your live just for them
Never mind about your live
You think for them and them..
Until you die before them..
But.. you are be happy
Happy because love
True love…your mind
Your true love…
Thousands people say that you dumb
You dumbed by love…
Love was blinded you
It shatter your live
But you still hold out on your mind
You are be like a little candle
(Siti Miladiah)

Despite from a distance
You can still be seen
You are not perfect, but
I want to have that imperfections…
You will never find a many reason
The reason when love someone
It’s because a true love
Comes with no logical reason…
We cannot be together, but
You’re always in my heart
Let love this hidden treasure
And I will be the little candle in your heart…

I just a little candle
The candle that was used to illuminate in the silence of the night
The candle that always look after you up sleeping
I want to be light lit up in your life
You know that I always there for you
In the darkness always be with you
When you sleep I always look after you
I was part of your life
(Febri Puji Lestari)

Whe I see the little candle, I think of you
Then I always pray for you
And I know why my heart was made for
to love you forever more
Little candle, your light illuminate my night
Your bright spect warm my self
I will always love you
And I’m waiting for you until the end of time
Here I’m way to you my shining
I hope that someday you will realize
That I can see forever in your brighting
And I’m wishing my dream will come true
I’m lose without you
You are my everything, my little candle
(Dahlia Puspa Dewi)

I am small candle. I am willing to illuminate, eventhough I know that it will not be long illuminate. There is no sense or regret, to illuminate, eventhough I know this small body will be depleted because melted. Because to illuminate me proud to be a candle. That is one of the tasks of candle wax become more meaningful.
(Rina Ayu Setiawati)

I like a candle,
the candle is intact
A small candles light is not as bright as the sun
and beautiful as the moon
Illuminate the darkness and warmth
Love and honest like a small candle
That illuminates without expecting a reply
A candle light will be dim and then finally die
(Alfie Purnama Dewi Kemala)

The light
The light was so worth it
As you know?
So it gave up his life
For the sake of light the darkness
To create the light
Willingly burned out
Althought brief
Really brief
Pitiable a little candle
Your light is worth it
(Elya Mawarni)

I know it can not be real
I can not be love
And know I will be alone
I like you when you smile
When you thanked me with your sweetest smile
I love you forever
I love you from yhe moon and back
Infinite and unconditionally
I love you for the several times I told you
When I close my eyes, I will remember
Remember all those time, I held you when you cry
Even you never look me right in my eyes
I spend my days just to be where you are
I love you when night turn into day
I love you and only for you
(Hayrani Azizah)

One day a very dark night. When you heavy to rain, only you can make me happy.
Where do not someone cares about me. But only you were able to accompany. Even though you are just a torch for me. Always you make me happy. My little candle, my little torch always you will be there.
(Indri Setianingsih)

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