Increasing The Students’ Simple Present Tense Ability Through Board Game

BY: Ika Pigura Diza (English Education Researcher)

The problem of this research is to know whether the board game can increase the students’ ability in learning simple present tense and to know whether board game can increase learning process to interest. The object of this research was 30 students of eight C grade. The action research was done in two cycles. Each cycle is done in two meetings. Each cycle consisted of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The research was conducted collaborative process with English teacher.
In collecting data, the research used test, they were pre-test and post-test, observation, and interview. The purpose of pre-test and post-test are to know how far the students had mastered simple present tense before and after being given the treatment. The average result score of pre-test and post-test shows that there is progressing score. The average score at pre-test = 48.1, and in post-test I = 73.1, it was increase 25 point. And then, the average score at post-test II = 87. It was increase 13.9 point better than post-test I. While, the percentages of the student’s pass at pre-test = 16.7 % of total students, and at post-test I = 83.3 %, and then, at post-test II = 100 % students who are able passed the exam. Based on the result above, It can be said that board game can increase students’ simple present tense ability. This media makes the students are interested and motivated in the class. So that, they are felt so enjoy to doing the task. And, It also makes them easier in studying the materials.

Based on the result of the learning process on two cycles, the researcher would like to describe the conclusion that the students’ simple present tense ability can be increased by applying board game in learning process. Based on the result of observation, the student’s activity in the implementation of cycle I and II was very active. It means that board game can increase the student’s activeness. The implementation of cycle I has been seen that board game is able to develop the students’ simple present tense ability. While the implementation of cycle II, board game so clarified that board game able to developing simple present tense of the students. It can be seen on the progressing of the average score in every cycle, the average score of pre-test was 48.1, and in cycle I was 73.1, then in cycle II was 87%. There are increasing score of 25 points from pre-test to post-test I and there are increasing 13.9 points from post-test I to post-test II. So, it can be concluded that board game can increase students’ simple present tense ability at eight grade.

Based on the result of the research above, the researcher would like to suggestion as follow:

  1. For Students: The students must be active in learning process especially English subject; The students are suggested to increase their simple present tense through board game; The students should be accustomed to learning grammar through board game.
  1. For English Teacher: The English teacher should have various media like board game to teach English, especially to develop the student’s simple present tense; and The English teacher should prepare some books to improve their knowledge especially in English subject.
  1. For Headmaster: The headmaster should support the English learning process by the preparing the facilitations and instruments completely; andThe headmaster is recommended to make the further research about increasing students’ simple present tense through board game.

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