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Sumatra Tourism: Air Terjun Curup Terang

Southern Sumatra appeared to save a waterfall tourist attraction very amazing. Waterfall is located in the district of Muara Enim (Oku). Waterfall Curup Terang or commonly known waterfalls Bedegung, why in called Bedegung? Because of its location Bedegung village, district of Tanjung Agung. Waterfall Bedegung has a height of about 99 meters, this waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia, after the waterfall Sigura Gura (250 meters), hard rushes dingarai Harau (150 meters), and waterfall Curung Citambur (100 meters).

Water flowing from the waterfall originates from a spring located district between mountain chain. Waterfall has become one of the natural attractions featured in Muara Enim regency. To provide comforts for tourists attractions, the government Muara Enim has done some repair facilities and facilities for pre visitors, such as the construction and the bathroom around the site, as well as the development path that will be used as the main access for tourists to the waterfall ,
For tourists outside the region or other local travelers need not worry to seek lodging facilities, because the surrounding area is already a lot of built villas and guesthouses. This waterfall is a natural waterfall that gives coolness. For tourists, because of its natural shades. Roving green trees, and gusts of wind that carry water droplets. The trip to the waterfall can be reached by approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of Muara Enim or approximately 58 kilometers.

You will find a coffee plantation which is becoming a trend in our village, please rest comfortably. So the natural beauty of Indonesia, so proud I am to be a resident of Indonesia, especially the region of South Sumatra.