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Natural Tour Curug 7: Pringsewu-Lampung

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Curug 7’s location is in the Register 22 Forest area, located not too far from one of the residents’ houses in the Register Forest forest frontier, only a few dozen meters from the last house. Access to Curug 7 can be reached via 2 Routes, both ranging from 20 Km, namely Pagelaran Market – Margosari Market – Curug and Sukoharjo Market – Margosari Market – Curug. The Margosari – Curug Market – Curug Market and Sukoharjo – Margosari Market – Curug market routes can be reached within 45 minutes, with the time of Pasar Margosari Market and Sukoharjo Market – Margosari Market for 30 minutes, and the last 15 minutes drive to Curug. The second road route up to Margosari Market is relatively good road condition, only slightly damaged. The condition of Jalan Margosari road to Curug is partially paved and partly onderlagh and the rest is dirt road, there is only 1 access road to curug for a while. You who will visit the good question to the people around the location definitely curug, it is caused by the lack of signs or road markers to curug.
Actually access to curug 7 is still very sasah, because the road to curug 7 is very small, especially besides the road there is a deep chasm, so it is very dangerous for visitors. Especially if it rains, it is very difficult to visit the waterfall 7. To get to curug 7 there is only one access road, so there is no alternative path.
To be able to enjoy the beauty of Curug 7 we only need to pay Rp 1500, one person for entrance tickets, even including accident insurance is Rp 100, -. While the levy for parking of two-wheeled vehicles Rp 1000 and four-wheeled vehicles only collected Rp 2000, -. Ticket and parking tickets can be paid at the entrance counter. The vehicle parking lot is right after the left entrance gate. The parking lot is quite safe because it is within the tourist area and also adjacent to the counter payment at the entrance.
Facilities and Accommodation
The facilities provided in Nature Tour Curug 7 include:
1. Counter ticket
The ticket payment counter is to the left of the entrance gate. Usually there guarded by 3 guards and 1 parking guard. At the ticket counter we can also ask some things about 7.
2. Parking area
Parking area here is quite wide and is guaranteed safe, because it is located in the tourist location is also adjacent to the ticket payment counter.

3. Camping Area
Approximately 100 meters from the counter can be found a fairly roomy field for camping and usually more often used for parking four-wheeled vehicles, because there are still rarely people camping in this place.
4. Small Pavilion
In Nature Tour Curug 7 there are also 3 small Pavilion for resting place. The first pavilion is located more or less 2 meters from the counter, two more Pavilion located 6 meters from the counter and the last is approximately 75 meters from the counter. This little pavilion is approximately 3 square meters in size so it is enough for a rest while enjoying the natural atmosphere around. From 3 small pendopo there is a small marquee of strategic place, from here we can see the direct flow of the river from Curug 7 and the view of the forest and lower hill.
5. The Shop
About 100 meters from the counter we can find a small shop that sells small snacks such as beverages, snacks, cigarettes, sampho, soap and others. Despite the price is still standard, unlike stalls in most tourist attractions that put the price is more expensive than the standard price. This shop belongs to a resident who lives in curug 7.
6. The Toilet
20 meters from Curug can be found 2 pieces of toilet measuring 2 square meters. However the toilet is poorly maintained and damaged, so it can not be used. And if the better care, this toilet can be used as a place to change after playing water in Curug. So have to think 2 times to wet with water, because at this time there is no room to change clothes.

7. Resting place
Near the toilet there is also a rectangular roof-shaped break with 6 poles. This place is usually used to rest after playing in the waterfall. Can also be used for shelter from the sun or rain.

From many waterfall, Curug 7 has its own attraction which is the reason this curug to be visited, among others:
1. Ticket prices are affordable
The price paid to be able to enjoy the atmosphere curug 7 no more than 5000 each person.
2. The journey through the rice fields
This is one of the advantages of Curug 7. When traveling if we take the path from the village of Way Waya turn right we will pass a very beautiful scenery. In fact we will find a very beautiful safana so treat a sense of fatigue during the long journey that we take to get to the place Tours. If passing through Neglasari village we will also get a view that is not less good. We will pass the rice fields of the green and very pleasant in the eyes.
3. Very fresh air.
Because it is located on the slopes of the mountain, the air here is still very fresh also there is no significant pollution in this area so that the air is kept clean. Temperature here was pretty cool because of its high location, just arrived in Sumber Bandung village cold air already felt here. Therefore, prepare a jacket or sweater if you want to visit there.

4. Have a room for camping.
5. The scenery around the curug is very charming.
Because it is between the hills, making this curug rich in natural scenery. When we go down the can also be seen the natural scenery is a very enchanting forest and very comfortable in the eyes to see also curvature of river flow from curug.
6. The atmosphere is still very natural.
This is because Nature Tour Curug 7 is located in the countryside so it is still very natural and far from the pollution of factories and others.
7. The waterfall is not too high
Because it only has a height of 13 meters and the flow is not too heavy and big like Curug Cipendok, Curug 7 can be approached up to a distance of 4 meters from where the fall of water.
8. The water is clear
The water in this waterfall is very clear, so the brown stones look very clear. The water that is around the niche greenish green to beautify the beauty of this waterfall. When viewed from a distance, this waterfall will show a clear color, brown then blue-greenish. The color of the water in this greenish green niche signifies the depth of water around the niche. From the guard counter that I asked, until now no one knows how much water depth around the niche, so when the trip to the location of the waterfall there is a memo board so visitors do not swim in the curug area let alone the niche.
9. Surrounded by rock walls
Rocky walls around the fall of water are some ferns. And seen some flow of water flowing like a small shower on the stone wall. The scenery is very awesome.
10. There is a small pavilion
If you want to rest we daat straight to the pavilion to unwind. We can also wear mats and relax there as we are carrying out a picnic also accompanied by a very beautiful scenery.

Disadvantages of Nature Tour Curug 7
In addition to the advantages, Nature Tourism Curug 7 inipun have shortcomings, among others:
1. The absence of leaflets regarding Curug 7 provided by the counter attendant, so that for new arrivals can not know the curug 7 curug, but must ask first to the counter officer.
2. From the entrance to the location of the waterfall at that time I did not see any trash, so when I arrived at the location of the waterfall I found an inorganic garbage in the bushes.
3. The level of security is still lacking. It is proved by the absence of officers who are in the location around the waterfall and that I see the officers are only in the gate area only.
4. Some facilities that are not maintained anymore like toilet.
5. There are still stairs that do not have a handle and some are not rocky, so must be very careful down the stairs.
6. There is only one stall within the tourist area.
D. Factors Affecting Lack of Visitors Curug Natural Tourism 7.
The beauty of Curug 7 is unquestionable, but unfortunately Nature Tour Curug 7 is still quiet visited. Here are the factors that affect the lack of visitors in Nature Tour Curug 7:
1. Because the location is quite remote, this curug warping hard to find.
2. Facilities are still minimal.
3. Unmaintained facilities that already exist.
4. There is only a waterfall as the main tourist.
5. Lack of socialization about Curug 7 so many people outside the city who do not know any Natural Tourism Curug 7.
6. Lack of guidance signs toward Curug 7 and not infrequently many visitors who lost before reaching Nature Tour Curug 7.
7. Lack of security at Curug location. Security is only available at the entrance gate only, after which there are rarely officers who check the situation around the waterfall when there are visitors.
8. Difficult transportation of the city to this tourist location. We must go to Donate first and wait to get the transport there. But it is easier to use private vehicles.


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