Sumatera Tourism: Irrigation Upper Komering

Komering Upper Irrigation DAM Perjaya a building located in Martapura. The building is completed in 1991 that serves to irrigate rice fields covering an area of 199 ha, which is one of the factors supporting the local revenue making East OKU as barns rice in Southern Sumatra. Besides, this building serves as a natural tourist destination in order to generate income and as a means of entertainment for the citizens East OKU. The DAM is a very strategic location, beautiful scenery panorama with the location of the sprawling rice fields and people look smallholder rubber plantations that give the impression of air is still cool and natural. When the dry season in many locations visible dam fishing activity, and the most unique is this place also happens bargaining catches the fish, which are cheaper than in the market.
Access to DAM location is the distance from the city of Palembang approximately 4.5 hours by Komering. Locations around the DAM if neatly arranged can be utilized for entertainment facilities of water, floating restaurant, sport facilities etc. Sometimes there is also a race events such as racing boot speed, paddle boats and others on a specific event. And you can also paint when it is in the upper irrigation komering because of lush green landscape that can inspire your mind and instinct to paint the result is more efficient in painting.

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