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Lampung Tourism: Waterfall Gendot

Gendot is unity 5 villages of coral waringin, Sukasari, Gunung Katon, Sukamulya and allied. Villages are located in Kecamatan headland king Lampung Regency North.
North Lampung is one of the districts in Lampung Province is rich in natural and tourism potential, one of which is a waterfall tour.
There are several waterfalls in North Lampung, including:
1. Waterfall indah kelawas
2. Waterfall sukaemi
3. Waterfall mandiangin
4. Waterfall bumi harjo
5. Waterfall fajar
Among some of the waterfall is only a few are already widely known by local travelers and foreign tourists, the rest is only visited by the local community and surrounding areas. Many attractions waterfall which is not known for its tourism potential is not exploited. Sukaemi waterfall located in the district of Tanjung Raja, Tanjung Beringin village sinarogan waygendot North Lampung district, about 42 km from Kotabumi North Lampung. To reach the waterfall location should be through and the path is fairly steep with a slope angle of 45 degrees to 35 s.d, not challenging enough for those who are adventurous. The streets are so challenging. Sukaemi waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in North Lampung, the waterfall is natural and beautiful, really very charming beauty and uniqueness has its own value if developed as a tourist destination very beauty. The flow of this waterfall comes from a river, the streams are quite heavy. But until now, the place was untouched by the government, it is very regrettable. As a result, the access road to get there and supporting facilities of the resort has not been adequate, but this waterfall is potentially the extraordinary beauty with heights ranging from 80 meters. If a waterfall tour was developed and equipped sufficient supporting facilities, then travel sukaemi waterfall will attract visitors to their facilities and adequate roads. From finding in the field, the access road to the waterfall along 200 meters from residential areas to the waterfall is still a land, if it runs out of rain the road is so slippery and much less harmful way to get there has not been noticed. With the existence of adequate facilities will certainly increase the number of visitors, so this waterfall could be known more widely and add to the local economy.Although the government has not got a touch, the existence of this waterfall became a pride for the villagers of Tanjung Beringin village sinarogan waygendot, therefore residents continue to introduce to be more widely known by the public. And this is the beauty-the beauty of waterfalls sukaemi located in the middle of a coffee plantation local residents