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Village Margajaya, has a stunning natural beauty. The village is located in Central Lampung majority are farmers and teachers. In addition to its natural attractions which became known many circle in Lampung, The proceeds of a peasant population was also abundant.
However, with the abundance of agricultural produce in the village yet also attract government to improve traffic access to this area, probably one of the reasons why waterfall Waterfall Seven has only recently known to many people.
One tourist attraction in the province of Lampung is the Waterfall. Of the many waterfalls that exist, one of which is the Waterfall Curug Seven precisely located in a protected forest in the area of the village of Margajaya, District Padangratu, Central Lampung, Lampung province by map coordinates / GPS: 5 ° 5 ‘21.86 “S 104 ° 44 ‘45.18 “E. namely” Curup Seven “, do you know what was the waterfall / Curup ?, waterfall is another term to refer to Niagara. Naming Curup Seven were taken from the waterfall has seven levels, with a total of seven levels reached 75 meters.
Trip to the waterfall Seven towards nature is very appropriate to be enjoyed for those of you who are bored with the congestion and hustle of the city. Nature tourism will present a beautiful panoramas and you also will not find many people traveling there. Because these places has not been widely know.
Located at 32 km or about a 2 hour drive from the district capital of Central Lampung, Gunung Sugih, or about 135 km from the airport Radin Intan if you use a private car. After that you can walk or rent a bike trail to be up in Niagara Curup Seven. Here you will be confronted directly with the path that you must walk, coupled with the up and down hills on protected forest areas.
This trip takes at least 15 minutes (or less). After that you will hear the sound breezy Waterfall sounded closer. The sound is hinting if you’re almost to the point of interest, namely Curug Waterfall One, namely Seputih Way gate. This water flow into a stream of the first waterfall of total ait waterfall located upstream Seputih Way, Central Lampung. To restore your stamina lost during hill climbing trail, you can rest here first. Because to really get to enjoy the beauty of Niagara Curup Seven will also have a field that is no less extreme. After you rest, just to continue your journey through the forest.
Approximately 15 minutes drive from the hose Curup One you’ll at least see the charm Curup Seven, has about 30 meters of the Seven Waterfalls Curup you can immediately see in front of your eyes. Therein tiredness and fatigue you when traveling will soon disappear, and all replaced with amazement at the sight of the beauty of Niagara Curup Seven.
If not satisfied with the scenery under the waterfall. We can adrenaline again towards the source of the waterfall at the top of the hill. Going up the hill must remain vigilant because the terrain is quite slippery, steep and dangerous one bit we can fall. Once over the hill you will see a stretch of beautiful scenery Northern Lampung, Lampung middle Tanggamus from the top of the hill and. If you feel tired, we can rest for a moment with a body lying on the riverbank. The air was refreshing and clear water gurgling makes the mind fresh and peaceful. But you should not take a long time to rest, because there’s more adventure you must try to catch fish with a spear believe such a rifle. how with archery appear fish on the surface.
For the tool hire you can owned by local residents. If you want more time in the area of Curug seven Waterfalls, there has been provided in the form of facilities at the camp site and nature activities sharing. Here’s a picture of a waterfall result Curup / waterfall seven. Interesting is not it? Visit show guts with these sights.