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Lampung Tourism: Rato Sculpture Monument

Rato monument sculpture which symbolizes the triumph of the king and queen in the Kingdom Tulang Bawang who drove a chariot with a drawn two-tailed dragon that was built by the Tulang Bawang Barat (Tubaba) in 2015 and then, seemingly inviting appeal and attention from various people or tourists from various regions.
Monuments named Tugo Rato, built right at the intersection of three Tiyuh Kagungan Queen and Panaragan Jaya, District Tulang Bawang Central District Tuba Barat almost every afternoon crowded and overrun by people from some quarters, including from outside the region, ranging from children, adolescents and even adults, to take pictures capture images of the historic monument. Moreover, since the circulation of rumors about changes in the position of the statue of queen in isue developed several centimeters from the statue of the king.
One of the residents Tiyuh Kagungan Queen, Sub Tulang Bawang Udik (TBU) are admitted often came to the monument, he said, that the position of the statue of the queen took a step no longer parallel with the statue of the king. “If you look at it is like there is a change in the statue of the queen, because of the statue, a little more advanced, oddly advance of the statue of the queen, no part of the cracked buildings, would be a great miracle,” he said. Similar disclosed, one of the residents of Bandar Abung districts Abung Surakatra North Lampung District, Wahyudi, who had come to treat her curiosity towards the two dragon chariot pull the kings and queens of the Tulang Bawang.Meanwhile, the district government Tubaba up until now could not be confirmed on the outstanding issues in the community about the shifting position of the statue of the king and queen at the Tugu Monument Rato.