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Kota Metro Tourism: Taman Merdeka

Taman Merdeka Metro City which is the main icon of Metro City began bustling with visitors from within and outside of Metro City to fill holiday. The park is always crowded of children, teenegers, to the elderly every day. Increasingly afternoon Metro State parks is getting crowded. Not only visitors, merchanst park was crowded on the outskirts of the city. Visitors do not need to worry about starving given the variety of food available at Taman Merdeka Metro. Taman gets crowded on weekends. Every night of the week, the park was very crowded, perhaps like the presence of south square Sunday morning Jogja. This park was used as a place to exercise. Some of the sports facilities available in Taman Merdeka Metro City. Visitors can also jog around the park city wide enough. Car free day is held every week to make this park more crowded with visitors who stroll .
Taman merdeka also commonly used as a place to hold various events such as festivals, entertainment events, shows book reviews , exhibitions of photographs, and other activities in the Metro City. Taman Merdeka of Metro City has become a tourist spot, a ditinctive icon of Metro City.

In the center of town stands a monument Metermini of Metro. This monument if seen look similiar to Europa Leagoe Trophy. Shaped like two parabolic together in the middle, and then topped with a bronze ball which he said cost up to 2 billion rupiah. Tugu Metermini commonly used as a place of photographs, suitable to be used as backgrounds pictures of you. The building is unique and looks. Every children can ride odong-odong to surround park city. There are so many odong-odong in Taman Merdeka in various forms, there is a form of elephants, birds, and all sorts.
One around park city tarrifs five thousand rupiah. Certainly more fun to play with your baby at around the park wearing odong-odong. Odong-odong in Taman Merdeka providedseparate lines differentiated by lanes for public transport so that visitors do not have to woory about safety issues.

Vehicle parking facilities have been provided at the site of the park. For parking is not free, its mean that parking rates charged by the parking attendant. The parking lot was quite. Parking lots are also available setaing for the rest of visitors. On the outskirts of the park, the vendors set up small tents  a dinig area customers. You can enjoy fried rice, meta balls, chicken noodles, roasted corn, uce cream and a variety of food and beverages etc. In the east side of the park, public, and toilet underground. Toilets looks unique in that the toilet in the form of an elephant, then supplied the entrance to the underground at the chest of the elephant. In the west of the park there is a grand mosque, which are located very close with garden, if you want to worship, just walk away. In this mosque, there is a toilet if you do not want to use a public toilet.