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World of Walls Media in Teaching English

The Concept of Word Walls Media
a. Definition of Word Wall
Jeane Shay Schumm states that a word wall is an effective tool to provide additional study time for words and word pattern. Moreover, Julie Jackson and Rose Narvaez has argued that word walls are teacher-generated, unorganized lists of words that are posted on classroom walls. It means that using of word walls in the classroom can help student because the word walls not just decor for the classroom but as a tool to help them from the difficulties of the lesson.
A word wall is posted list of words used for student’s reference. Stephanie stated that word walls is buletin board display of key vocabulary or concept words. Seeing words on the wall helps the students become exited about words and understand that the words are important and can be used over and over.
From the explanation above, it could be understood that word walls is designed to be a tool for students or other to use, not just a display, and contains a list of words that can be used by individuals or as a tool for cooperative learning and can be used to learn vocabulary.
b. Word Walls Media in Teaching Vocabulary
Teaching media is one of the important things in education. Word wall is a media that makes students more interested in the learning process. According to Eeasterbrooks & Alvarez, using word wall media is one of the various ways to increase vocabulary. It means that one of beneficial media in improving students’ mastery of vocabulary is the word wall.
These word walls usually include a visual representation of the word and a vocabulary label to accompany it. Furthermore, Julie states that word walls serve as visual scaffolds and are a common classroom tool used to support reading and language arts instruction.
Result from the statement above that word walls is an effective media and interesting way to teach vocabulary. By applying word wall, students can remember the vocabulary without feeling that they are very serious in studying. Through the habit such as looking the word wall, indirectly they remember the vocabulary.

c. The Implement of Word Walls Media
Harmon mentioned steps instructional sequence for using the word wall:
1) Selecting word to teach
2) Introducing words
3) Making connection to the words
4) Using the words in meaningful ways
5) Sharing the word meanings
Furthermore, Dugan said the strategy of increasing the science based vocabulary using the word wall media with steps as follows:
1) Decide science based vocabulary words that will be used,
2) Write down any vocabulary on the board,
3) Writing vocabulary on a piece of paper/card,
4) Request the participation of students in making word wall
5) Word wall should be added and modified pepending on the theme or material covered
6) Directing students to use the word wall as a medium for understanding new vocabulary
7) At the end of the lesson ask the students how display of word wall that had been made and weather helping them for learn and remember new vocabulary.

d. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Word Walls
1) Advantages using word wall:
a) To support the teaching of important general principals about words and how they work.
b) To foster reading and writing.
c) To promote independence on the part of young students as they work with words in writing and reading
d) To provide a visual map to help students remember connections between words and the characteristics that will help them form categories.
e) To develop a growing core of words that become part of a reading and writing vocabulary.
f) To provide reference for students during their reading and writing.
2) Disadvantages of using word wall:
Learning use word walls strategy will require a long time and needs a lot of equipment and colors. Imagination and creativity needed to produce good word wall.