Wisata Lampung: Humas Jaya


There are modern pineapple processing factory the ownership this factory owned by PT GREAT GIANT PINEAPPLE (GGP). This Location in the district Bukit Tinggi, Lampung Tengah. Pineapple products are processed and production by GGP exported to many countries, including the United States (US), Japan,and China. If we want to visit in this factory the visitor must use special clotnes. Including the entorage of Amran us the minister of agriculture Amran around with lab coat and white cup together with a owner of PT GGP Ahmad Setiawan.

Based on the explanation of GGP, the pineapples are picked and processed on the some day, with all the automated. Finaly product of concentrates and fresh pineapple in cans. In this factory is also there are frozen room to sterilization the pineapple. Then to wards the coveyor that carrises the pineapple the wards the stripping. The pineapple are cut to get a uniform size using a cumpletely automated. The workers just press the buttons to turn on the machine. After cut, the pineapple allready to the packaging and packed in cardboard boxes and ready to export thousand labors work in the modern pineapple processing in this factory. This factory is also adjecent with a pineapple plantation that reaches thousand hectares, pineapple lands use modern tools like estates in europe. The automatic sprinklers toot installed in the middle of a pineapple field. The modern crop tool to deptive the pineapple leaves are left behind in pineapple fruits

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