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Using Music in The Classroom

In line with this development of technology, every kind of media had characteristic. To make it easier understanding about some kinds of media, in learning process kinds of media can be divided into four groups. There were:
1. Visual media
2. Audio media
3. Audio-visual media
4. Multimedia
In this article, I chose audio-visual media. Because of the researcher use a song and text in this research. The explanation about audio-visual media was a media that used in learning process just involve sense of listening and sight of students in one process or one activity. Message and information could be channeled through this media. This media could be divided to verbal message and non verbal message that rely on sight and sense of listening. There were some examples of audio-visual media such as film, TV program, music, etc.

Using Music in the Classroom
Music was a manifestation of culture of the human need to communicate. Because it was inextricably associated with language, using music in foreign language teaching is a good way of promoting speaking and of encouraging students to create mental fantasies. In the classroom exactly had steps. They started from beginning until closed activities. Before, we going to explain them, I would like decide kind of music that suitable to our lessons. Jazz and classical music were good choices, because they often did not have lyrics or words, unlike most pop and rock music.
Teacher should choose shorter pieces and excerpts rather than longer ones. In this way they would have various kinds of music on the cassette tape which can be used for many different activities. Using music gave students opportunities to become active creators of their own learning process.

Using Favorite Songs
Experienced teachers knew that songs and poems were an excellent way to begin or end lesson. At the beginning of a lesson they could help children made the transition from their native language into English as the lesson warm-up. It was possible whenever best to select a piece of verse that was directly related to the content of the lesson. Actually, song created with two purposes, they are:
1. Song created just for enjoyed.
2. Song created to aim learning process, for example to teach vocabulary, phrase and grammar.
So, the teachers must choose and decided song that suitable with the necessary and the purpose learning process that must achieved. Song and rhyme were part important from livelihood, just not for children but to teenager and adult. Song and rhyme was is a tool or media language learning process to them. Teaching and learning process language especially foreign language, it would be more interesting if presented into an association interesting activity. Studied language through song could make the students fall happy to learn it because they enjoyed that song. Actually, they sang and they learned English.

Acoustic was the music which only used as guitar, violin, and piano eclectic. Acoustics (Greek Akouein, “to hear”), term sometimes used for the science of sound in general. It was more commonly used for the special branch of that science, architectural acoustics that deals with the construction of enclosed areas so as to enhance the hearing of speech or music. For treatment of acoustics as a branch of the pure science of physics, see sound.
It was widely known that an English acoustics song often used guitar. For example, the first song came from Lenka with the title Trouble is a Friend and the second one came from Justin Beiber with the title One Time using the guitar. But there was different between Lenka and Justin Beiber’s song. The differences between both were tempos.
The acoustics of buildings was an undeveloped aspect of the study of the sound until comparatively recent times. The Roman architect Marcus Pollio, who lived during the 1st century BC, made some pertinent observations on the subject and some astute guesses concerning reverberation and interference. The scientific aspect of this subject, however, were first thoroughly treated by the American physicist Joseph Henry in 1856 and more fully developed by the American physicist Wallace Sabine in 1990.
English acoustics songs needed to learn because acoustics songs were simple music. It meant just used one music tool. Meanwhile, other music was liked rock, metal, R n B used more than one music tools. So that could make the students were not focus in received the course material.