The Concept of Guessing Game

The Definition of Guessing Game
The definitions of guessing game is stated by some experts. First, Webster says guessing game is “a game in which the participants compete individually or in teams in the identification of something indicated obscurely (as in riddles or charades). Allen points out that “A guessing game is a game in which the object is to guess some kind of information, such as a word, a phrase, a title, or the location of an object”. Guessing games, for example, create conditions in which the use of the target language is necessary for leading players to the correct guess”. From the definition above, the researcher assumes that guessing game was appropriate to be use in teaching vocabulary because the students must guess some kinds of information such as a vocabulary.

The advantages of Guessing Game
Moon states that “Games are extremely effective way of motivating students in a classroom”. So based on the statements above guessing game is a game that is competition game, at the same times as elements amusing and of course that can be use in teaching learning process because guessing games is a game in which the aim is to guess the answer to a certain question or a problem.

Benefits of Using Game in Language Learning
In the teaching and learning process, teachers might ever have students look like sleepy, bored and sometimes lazy to join the learning. Like Andrew Wright states:
“Language learning is hard work. Effort is required at every moment and must be maintained over a long period of time. Games help and encourage many learners to sustain their interest and work. Games also help the teacher to create contexts in which the language is useful and meaningful. Games provide one way of helping the learners to experience language rather than merely study it.”

Therefore, teachers may use games as media in delivering the material so that the students feel fun in learning English. There are so many benefits using games in language learning:
a. Games are experiential. It means that these games bring the students into direct contact with the topic; they will actively interact with your information wrapped in a game.
b. Games allow special tutoring for one or two. Here games can be customized with almost any topic and used in the classroom for special tutoring sessions.
c. Games provide choices for your classroom. The games allow the teacher to add variety and flexibility in the teaching activities.
d. Games reinforce learning. Games give playful ways to present and represent material to the students. During this play, your students can practice and demonstrate what they have learned.
e. Games provide immediate feedback. The games give students immediate feedback on the quality of their input – with appropriate corrective feedback. This can become an invaluable learning opportunity.
f. Games improve test-taking skills. Because of the playful challenge inherent in them, games serve as excellent practice for test taking.
g. Game playing shows that classroom energy is good. Using games reinforces the concept that energy is a good thing and that the classroom is a good place to expand energy.
h. Games can introduce new or difficult material. Games have an unparalleled facility to introduce new or difficult material to willing participants.
i. Games improve teamwork. Because games are real-time activities that bring students into teams, they train students in the rules of working together as a team and underscore the value of team collaboration.
j. Games teach playing within the rules. Games continually reinforce the concept that the only way to win is to play within the rules.
k. Games foster both individual and team achievement. Games underscore the important of both the individual and the team by giving the student a chance to work alone and then adding the dimension of bringing him into a small group to share ideas.
l. Games reinforce and improve multitasking. Games allow students, individually or in groups, to experience and practice multi-skill tasks. The pressure created by game play helps build problem-solving skills and promotes activity.
m. Games can replace drill work. When the students’ attention is focused on the play of the game, memorization becomes less of a chore.

In conclusion, it is accepted that using a game in language learning can provide intense and meaningful practice because language learning is a hard task which can sometimes be frustrating for the students. Games are highly motivating because the games are amusing and interesting. It can be used to give practice in all language skills.
The Procedure of Guessing Game
While in Scott’s book states that “guessing games is a variation on a coffeepot game”. One of the best known examples of a guessing game is 20 questions, in which one person thinks of a famous person, place, or thing and then the other participants can ask 20 yes/no questions to find clues in order to guess who or what the person is thinking of. The students are forced to think before guessing. It needs a process that would make the vocabularies stay longer in their mind. The researcher assumes that it will be more enjoyable, interesting and motivating in learning vocabulary by using guessing game since guessing game is appropriate with the characteristics of Senior High School students who love competitive activity and group work. It can be created by scoring and grouping them in the game. The researcher also that assumes guessing game can be related to another material that must be taught. In line with those reasons, the researcher assumes that guessing game to be applied for Senior High School students.

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