Lampung Tourism: Mutiara Sai Rides

Pearl rides a motor vehicle gestrek sai is typically used to race gestrek. Wahana Sai Pearls is located in Central Lampung Rumbia, precisely in New Restu RB4. This vehicle covering approximately 2 hectares. This Sai Pearls rides in it there are trees, acreage gestrek places where young people hang out, can also be a place Selfi-selfi. Usually this place is used in certain times, such as when the day of Eid, New Year. The place is also a multi function when held concerts certainly held at the Sai Pearls rides. This place has been used 5 times concerts, the first Inul, the second Green Leaves, third Dewi Persik, Cita-citata fourth, and fifth Zaskia Gothic.
Previously we’re not familiar with this Sai Pearls rides when built, since we were born this vehicle already exists. This vehicle used to have a history of name changes. This vehicle was formerly named Tiara Supreme Court why in called Tiara? Since the place is spacious and the rides Got This vehicle named Mr. Agung. Be the time was named Tiara Court. However, with the passage of time this vehicle changes hands to others, then the new owner changed the name which originally Tiara Mutiara Agung be Wahana Sai.
For our friends in particular PGRA, let’s visit the tourist attractions in our area Rumbia Central Lampung is Wahana Sai Pearls. Ayok our comrades together to visit this place, we can Selfi-Selfi together, joked together, play together, and many more that we can do in this place. Guaranteed not regret if you come here.

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