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Concepts of Talking Stick Method

The Definition of Talking Stick Method
In learning process there are many methods that can be used in the classroom. In this research the writer choose the talking stick method to increase students’ reading comprehension. A talking stick is passed around from member to member allowing only the person holding the stick to speak. Alarid and Markel say that talking stick method is passed from speaker to speaker as their voice opinions. It illustrate that talking stick is a method to share opinions to another people.
Moreover, Talking Stick was a method used by Native Americans, to let everyone speak their mind during a council meeting, a type of tribal meeting. Its mean the talking stick has been used for centuries by many Indian tribes as a means of just and impartial hearing, it was commonly used in council circles to decide who had the right to speak.
In the other word Huda said Talking Stick is a method of the group learning with hold the stick. It illustrates mean talking stick use a stick in learning process in the class and the learning is group. Everyone is obligated to listen until that person passes the stick to someone else.
Suyatno maintains the learning of Talking Stick is the generally of information, make a group, call the leader, write and answer the question, make a result and evaluation. It means that talking stick use group in the
learning process and the role of the leader is very important to get good
result in learning process. Talking stick can be used at any meeting or council where varying opinions to be expressed. It is common for each different type of council to have a talking stick.
Moreover, to apply this method the teacher divides the class into some groups with the members five or 6 students.41 It can be understood that the teacher must divide the students into some of groups and discussion in learning process.
The definition above explained that Talking Stick is one of cooperative learning model. The following theory maintains the meaning of cooperative learning.
Based on the definitions above, it can be concluded that Talking Stick is group learning model consist of small groups 5 or 6 students heterogeneous based on intelligence, friendship or proclivity and effective to be applied in various subject and grades.
The Steps of Talking Stick Method
To apply the Talking Stick method in the classroom the teacher must know the steps of this method, they are as follows:
a. Teacher prepares a stick.
b. The teacher divides the students into some group.
c. Teacher explains the material that will learn and give the group opportunity to read.
d. Students discuss about the problem from the topic.
e. After finishing, the teacher orders the students to close the book.
f. Teacher takes a stick and giving to student, after that the teacher give a question to student that holding a stick and the student must answer it. It can do continue until all of student get opportunity to answer the question from the teacher.
g. Give conclusion.
h. Evaluation.
The Implementation of Talking Stick in Teaching Reading
There are some steps implementation of talking stick in teaching reading, which are:
a. Start the session by placing the talking stick on the floor with everyone sitting on chairs in a circle around it.
b. Explains the rules and everyone agrees to abide by them. Nobody who rejects the rules can take part.
c. Give someone the role of timekeeper.
d. Begin with one person holding the talking stick. When they are holding the stick, they must answer the question based on text.
e. When the answerer has stopped, they pass the talking stick to somebody else.
f. The next person holding the stick repeats the same process.
g. Continue the session until nobody else has anything left to answer, which is signalled by a noticeable period when nobody is passed the
Benefit of Talking Stick Method
Huda said there are some benefits of Talking Stick method, as follows:
a) Examine the readiness of students.
b) Train the students to competent in reading process and understand the material quickly.
c) Make the students always ready in anything situation.
5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Talking Stick Method
There are some advantages and disadvantages of Talking Stick
Method, they are:
1) Students’ get more motivation from their self.
2) There are interactions between the teacher and the students.
3) The students are more stand alone.
4) Learning process is more gratify.
1) Student is more inclined individual.
2) The comprehension of the material is less.
3) The teacher is difficult to control learning process.
4) Students are noisier.