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By: YUNIARTI (Education Observers)

The main aim of learning a language is to learn to communicate in that language. Speaking is one of the best way to show up the capability in Engllish. By speaking, someone will see which one is mastered English or not. To speak clearly and correctly, it is important to know the grammar. How to arrange the words to be a good sentence. Tenses is the key of making the appropriate sentence in a best situation.
The problem, the researcher had outlined in this research was speaking performance. The primary goal of this research was to know the speaking performance in grammar class . This research was qualitative research in case study. Interview, observation, and documentation were used as the data collecting methods.
Based on the result of analysis, the writer gained the data that speaking performance in grammar class was good. Meanwhile, the students found difficulties in applying speaking performance in grammar class, especially in subject verb agreement and fluency. The students occasionally used the same verb form for all the subjects. The frequency of students’ speaking performance in grammar class; pronunciation was 24.14%, grammar was 27.59%, vocabulary was 26.44%, fluency was 21.84%. The result of the research showed that by the widely used of speaking performance, the students learnt about pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and fluency at once. Speaking performance in grammar class in tenses subject help the students to arrange sentences correctly and fluency as native speaker. And finally, the students find out the formula of their sentences.